Welcome to the Driffield Canal Partnership web site.

The Driffield Navigation Partnership is an independent charitable (but not a registered charity) association whose purpose is to:

promote a spirit of collaboration among networks, groups and individuals from the private, voluntary and public sectors which wish to see the Driffield Navigation improved and accessible. 
Through voluntary endeavour and in co-operation with others above the Partnership is undertaking :
  • direct improvements to the canal and its environs:    
  • to organise and publicise events relating to the use and improvement of the canal:
  • through press editorial and correspondence and by other means, to promote interest among residents of Driffield and among people from further afield, an awareness of the canal’s attractions as a public amenity :
  • to raise funds to achieve the association's aim and objects.

The Driffield Navigation Trust, the Driffield Navigation Amenities Association and local charitable trusts and associations are supporting the Partnership at a practical level and it is to be hoped that Driffield Town Council and the East Riding of Yorkshire Council will also actively endorse the Partnership's initiatives.

Please direct enquiries to :
Dean Bolton deanbolton169@hotmail.com, Secretary
Driffield Canal Partnership
at/ 2-4 Bridge Street
East Yorkshire
or to:
Bob Watson bob.watson@which.net , Committee Member
Driffield Canal Partnership 
at/ 34, Melbourne Street
YO10 5AQ